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Dea Anaïs

the Captivatrix

Financial Domination – Findom Goddess Dominatrix

About me

If you came to this page I suppose you know what financial domination – FinDom – is and you are interested in establishing a relationship with me as a submissive or financial slave.
I am a Findom beauty from northern Europe, mature, fortyish, with a dominant character by nature. I am always the dominant female; bossy and controlling. My body has its well defined curves, my feet are small and beautiful, my skin is soft and pale, but none of you will ever touch me!
As a Goddess, a Dea, Queen, I hope that you, Submissive or Slave, will love me, honor me, respect me and above all, tribute me.

My lifestyle is expensive; I live to the fullest and you will pay for it. As a reward, you will receive attention from me to fulfill your fetishes. My voice is seductive and can be hard due to my accent or if discipline is required. I can be sweet as honey or spicy as a chilli pepper.

I know that you feel an empty and dissatisfied being, a puppet, loser, cuckold, a sissy.
At last you have the opportunity to do something useful in life: Give me your money! You will be my paypig, my moneyslave, my human ATM, FinSub, you will feel a sweet chill as you see your bank account shrink, while mine always grows! … Every time you pay me, you feel relieved to have gotten rid of this money that now makes me happy and you are looking forward to send me more.

Go as far as you want; from occasional tributes for a BDSM / Fetish session or nothing in return until the total loss of control over your finances. You know you can lose everything … your money, job, family.
Your money is worth much more in my hands than in yours. The 800-euro shoes that I bought with your salary will receive more attention than you could ever attract from someone, like the loser you are.

It excites me when I receive your tributes and I spend on my whims the money that has cost you so much to earn with your hard work.
I train you to be a better submissive, I put you in chastity, I feminize; sodomize; punish, torture and humiliate you. I seduce you to later ignore. Read my specialties below.
Ask for your slavery contract, Debts recognition or blackmail contract.

I do sessions by phone, Mobile, WhatsApp, Email, Chat, SkypeCam (with faithful slaves), always after receiving a satisfactory tribute and by appointment. I also sell clothes and utensils used by me. 


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Ask me (only for loyal slaves)

Our Possibilities

Goddess Worship

I am your Goddess, Princess, Queen, Dea. You will adore me, you will love me, you will obey me. I am the meaning of your life. You can not think of anything else other than to make me happy and care for me so that I do not miss anything. You can call me and tell me how much you love and want me; write me stories and poems. I am a being superior to you; someone who never in your life would notice you and you will appreciate any moment of attention that I give you. You mean nothing to me until you tribute me. Only then I care about you.


So that you are not always in heat I put you in a chastity device (you can buy it on amazon or ebay). This prohibits you from having erections or masturbating. You send me the keys or lock it with a single use key, so I control if you have opened it and I will be the owner of the keys. You will feel how your hormones drive you crazy. I decide when and how you cum. Maybe I’ll leave you like this for months. The day I let you open the cage, let’s play tease and denial and I’ll ruin your orgasm several times. When I finally do a countdown for you to cum or give you jerk off instructions (JOI, POV), you will have the best orgasm of your life. All the accumulated tension will explode in a stream of money towards me. You will not want to give up the cage anymore. Prepare a container cause I will give you Cum Eat Instructions (CEI). Of course you will pay a tribute just before you cum, so I enjoy it too. (Cum Tax).


Adore any part of my body: feets, ass, hair, ears, armpits, hands, belly button… My feet are beautiful and with perfect pedicures. After a long day doing shopping I like you to give me a massage in my perfumed feets. I like all kinds of clothes fetishes such as heels or boots, socks, gloves, mask, leather, lipstick.

Cuckolding – Cuckold

I know you like to spy when I do it with an alpha male, a real man, not like you, a loser with micropenis. You will be jealous of this cock, wanting to suck it, Cuckold! You will pay for dinner with my ex.


I know who you are … your IP has given me your location. I found you on FB. I have the list of your friends, the phone number of your boss and your wife. They will be shocked to see the compromising photos you sent me. I have entered your PC and I have the passwords of your bank account and the data of your cards. I leave you with nothing … This is a scenario of consensual blackmail.

Slave and submissives training

I teach you how to be better submissive, to do housework, to be my assistant in public and marketing, to do my hair and manicure, to satisfy myself in every way. Do you want to be my slave and my property and let me control your entire life? You will work for me and I will manage your finances. If you do not satisfy me, I will punish you hard!

Financial Domination – Findom

Be my human ATM, my paypig, moneyslave, FinSub, pay my bills, my dinners, trips, shopping. Each time you pay, you will feel satisfaction and want to pay more and more. My interest for you is equivalent to the tribute and effort you make. You will send me the details of all your incomes and expenses and I will give you a budget of what you can buy. I’m going to manage your money so you do not waste it and I’m going to leave you with just enough for you to have a roof and nutrition. You’ll have to sacrifice some things … your subscription on Netflix, the nights out with friends, the new car you were saving for … what do you want it for? The girls will not notice you with a bigger car. You will work double to be able to pay me more. It can be your ruin … you can lose everything. Start paying now!


What perversion is cool? Latex, golden shower, spit, anal penetration? Do you want me to be your mom, mother-in-law, aunt, school teacher?
Do you want to be forced into bisexuality; be my dog or human furniture? Tell me your fantasy. Your secret is safe with me.

Femdom Mistress Dominatrix

Feel my power over you, the power of sensual or strict feminine domination, of the superior women, the Mistress, Femdomme, FinDomme, Dominatrix, Dominatrice. I discipline you with whip, tweezers, needles, strapon-anal penetration, wax, slapping, ballbusting.

Feminization Sissification

So you’re a Sissy? Let’s dress as a woman little bitch: Have the Makeup, lingerie, dresses, high heels and wig prepared. I like to see you making a catwalk for me. I make you feel like a real woman. If you want to be a sissy you will have to try my XXL strap-on.


Where are you going with that micropenis? (SPH) Sorry! Sure you are a virgin and you live in your parents’ basement at 40 years old. You will not be able to satisfy any woman … ever. I’m going to call all my friends and neighbors to laugh at you. I put the dog leash on you and drag you behind me to the mall. I love giving you homework to humiliate you and receive visual proof by whatsapp.


Do you want me to hypnotize you so that you become my puppet on a string and do anything for me? I can program your subconscious so you have a better orgasm every time you tribute me and so that you can not breathe without asking me first. I program you with a post hypnotic suggestion so that each time you hear the snap of my fingers you tribute me.


Make a tribute and disappear without receiving anything in return! … I will not respond to your calls and messages.

My Rules

1) My title is Dea (Goddess), my name is Anais, my pseudonym is The Captivatrix. You will address me as “Dea Anais” or “Goddess Anais”.

2) You will obey me without questioning me for my entertainment and fun.

3) You will worship me as your only goddess and superior being to you.

4) You will punctually tribute what was agreed or you will surprise me with unforeseen gifts to put me in a good mood and finance my expenses and lifestyle.

5) You will work even harder and you will sacrifice part of your habits to tribute me more and better.

6) You understand that a tribute is not a payment for a service. It is a totally voluntary gift with which you show me your love, honor and respect.

7) You will never see me naked. You will not touch yourself in front of me unless I order you!

8) You can call me on my Landline, but in no case will you call me or send me messages on my mobile without my permission, as you will understand, I have more slaves to attend.

9) You will promote me with RT, likes, shares, comments, guest blogs, poems, stories, articles.

10) You can send me an email with a presentation, commenting what your fetishes and fantasies are, how you want us to communicate, how much and how often are you willing to tribute, what your income and expenses are. Add a tribute so I know you are not a time waster. I will study your case and inform you.

11) More tributes you make, more you receive, that easy.

Be my human Atm:

I will contact you when I want to withdraw money. I enter my PIN into my ATM, I take out money and disappear.


Slave, Blackmail, Debts contract:

Tribute me a percentage of your salary every month. Request your financial slave contract, consensual Findom blackmail contract or Findom debts contract.


Wallet Drain:

I pressure and manipulate you to send me tributes … I’ll always ask you more and more so you buy me everything. 



You give me access to your bank accounts, the data of your credit cards and I get out everything you have, leaving you ruined.


Tribute occasionally:

Make me a tribute for a specific session or just to get my attention. No more commitments for you.


Adopt any of my bills:

You can commit to pay one of my expenses regularly. Choose the one you like most:
1) Hairdressing 50 eur / weekly. I take care of my hair so that it looks perfect on every photo. I do daily washing and drying, cranioencephalic massage, dyeing, cutting, special treatments
2) Massages 50 eur / weekly. It’s my relaxing time, the one I enjoy the most. A massage from head to toe with perfumed oils or special treatments; from relaxing to revitalizing; from Swedish to Thai.
3) Pedicure 50 eur / weekly. Foot massage, creams, nail polish
4) Manicure 50 eur / weekly. Nail varnish, massages, moisturizers.
5) Laundry 100 eur / month. My clothes are delicate and expensive and need special treatment. So I have more time for my slaves
6) Care of my cat 50 eur / week. She deserves only the best and she is the only one who can sleep in my bed
7) Spa 100 eur / week. Sauna, swimming pool, solarium, skin cleaning, non-surgical skin treatments.
8) Gym and personal trainer 50 eur / week
9) Cosmetics 50 eur / week, for my sensitive skin I only use the best makeup products. You will have paid for my red lipstick
10) Photographer 50 eur / week.
11) Weekend getaways 500 eur / month. I visit metropolitan cities or relax in a rural house
12) Do my marketing (free)! You can write articles or stories for my page, promote me in social networks, blogs, forums or let’s see what talents you have!


Phone me

From 4-10pm

From any country coming soon Iwantclips

Mobile/WhatsApp: Tribute first  

 Skype chat:   live:ladydeaanais

 I use to respond between 4-22 pm CET




Tell me everything about you; what are your fetishes and fantasies; If you want to be a submissive or slave … How would you prefer to communicate with me? Add a tribute to show your respect. 

Contact me

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My Subs and Slaves…

She has me under her spell. Her voice makes me tremble with excitement and fear. She’s a goddess..

Tim, USA

My Mistress administers my money. With immense pleasure I eat bread and water to give more.

Loser4ever, London

It is an honor to be her slave. I Tribute as much as I can and she is always available.

Bert, Russia

I am your prisoner. At your feet my money and dignity.

Perra Sissy, NY

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